Welcome to Home Saint Jean, a hidden gem nestled in the serene Kibuye District of Rwanda's Western Provinces. Located on the shores of Lake Kivu, our accommodation offers a tranquil retreat for guests seeking relaxation and natural beauty. Home Saint Jean provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Choose from our comfortable shared hostel space or stylish private rooms, all offering breathtaking views of the lake. Indulge in delicious cuisine at our restaurant and embark on memorable boating and island excursions. Our attentive staff ensures a clean and comfortable stay, while the convenience of nearby attractions enhances your experience.

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You are most welcome, to our restaurant we serve you fresh drinks, hot and cold beverages, enjoyable...

Meetings/ Conferences Rooms

Home saint jean hotel offers variety of indoor and outdoor event and meeting spacewe are ready to ho...

Boat ride

We offer various services including boat ride, night fishing experience, kayaking, and kivu shores....


We offer you accommodation, modern and traditional decorated with amenities to tranquilize and meet...

Cycling and hiking

We organize cycling activitiesand hiking in beautiful one thousand hills and mountain ,especially in...

As you enter our doors, a warm welcome embraces you. We're thrilled to have you as our valued guest and are committed to exceeding your expectations

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Single Room - Self Contained
WiFi TV Hot Water Breakfast
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Double Room(Self Contained)
WiFi TV Hot Water Breakfast
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Twin Room
WiFi TV Hot Water Breakfast
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Explore Our Tarrif Details


No. Specification U.Price with Breakfast/1Pers U.Price with Breakfast/2Pers
1 Suite room 200,000rwfr (200$) 250,000rwfr (250$)
2 Double rooms self contained(A) 120,000rwfr (120$) 140,000rwfr (140$)
3 Double rooms self contained(B) 100,000rwfr (100$) 120,000rwfr (120$)
4 Double rooms self contained(C) 80,000rwfr (80$) 100,000rwfr (100$)
5 Double rooms self contained(B) 60,000rwfr (60$) 80,000rwfr (80$)
6 Double rooms self contained(C) 50,000rwfr (50$) 70,000rwfr (70$)
7 Standard Single rooms self contained 30,000rwfr (30$) 40,000rwfr (40$)
8 Twin room self contained 140,000rwfr (140$)
9 Twin room self contained 60,000rwfr (60$)
10 DORMITORIES (10 Beds) 100,000rwfr (100$) 100,000rwfr (100$)/All beds
11 DORMITORIES (16 Beds) 150,000rwfr (150$) 150,000rwfr (150$)/All beds


No. Specification U.price/1Pers
1 Simple Meals or Buffet (Lunch or Dinner) 8,000rwfr (8$)
2 Full Meals or buffet (Lunch or Dinner) 12,000rwfr (12$)
3 Tea or Coffee break/1Pers 5,000rwfr (5$)


No. Specification U.price
1 Big Conference hall for 110 Pax 120,000rwfr (120$)
2 Big Conference hall+sound system for 110 Pax 140,000rwfr (140$)
3 Big Conf. hall+sound syst. & projector for 110 Pax 160,000rwfr (160$)
4 Small conference hall for 45 Pers 70,000rwfr (70$)
5 Small conference hall + Projector for 45 Pers 90,000rwfr (90$)
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Free WiFi TV Hot Water Shower Breakfast Chapel Gifts Shop Smoking Area 24/7 Security Beach Views Swimming Area